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From small business to big business, Sociamerica can market and expand your brand. The truth is that many companies are skeptical of adopting a social media plan because they have not taken enough time to work with it or do not understand the value of social media. An active and productive social media campaign will convert followers into customers. 



To succeed in earning donations and volunteers to advance your cause, it is essential to market the services that your nonprofit offers. Donors and volunteers expect to learn how you contribute to your community. Sociamerica is available to spread the word and build your organization.  In addition, a percentage of your Sociamerica sales will be donated back to your cause!


Political Campaigns:

Every campaign must present a clear message to earn the voter’s trust. To increase voter turnout and recruit volunteers and supporters, Sociamerica is there to help you execute the right strategy to build the public’s awareness of your campaign.


Advocacy Groups:

From lobbying firms to civil rights groups, Sociamerica has the right social media strategy to increase support. The way to draw attention to your cause is to research how people perceive it and to respond quickly and efficiently. The amount of followers on social media can influence lawmakers to enact public policy changes that can impact civil rights, campaign finance reform, etc.



Every company, organization and campaign started with an individual. If you have an idea, then let’s get started. Sociamerica will consult with you to help tailor your message. This company started with an individual and so can yours.



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