Brand Development

What is Brand Development? Why is it important?  Your "BRAND" is the overall message you convey and how it makes people feel.  By following the right steps, you will achieve your ultimate goal...BRAND LOYALTY.

Developing your brand is one of the most important factors in the long term success of your business or organization.  It takes TIME, RESOURCES, CONSISTENCY and COMMUNICATION.  You decide on your brand first and then you market it. The brand is the big picture, what you want to achieve and how you want to be seen in the marketplace. It is not just one piece of the puzzle, it is the whole puzzle. The brand is the culmination of many marketing plans and strategies, put into place over time to develop your image.

A brand does not develop overnight.  It is an ongoing process that will continue to evolve over the lifetime of your business. 

Determining who is likely to buy your product or service or make a donation to your organization is an important first step.  Figuring out how to get them to do so is next.  Getting the word out through different media channels, and deciding when and how often, can be a challenging but necessary process.  Assigning resources to these actions will move your branding in the forward direction.

When creating your brand, consistency is key.  Creating a message, a look, and a feel that matches your customer profile will draw their attention to you. This includes using aspects such as the same 'catch phrase', logo and colors on every piece of marketing material, your website and profiles. In doing so, your brand will be MEMORABLE.

Sustaining their interest, is next. Effectively communicating a positive message in an clear and concise approach and then backing it up with your actions, will present an honest and valuable image.  Trust is critical to acquire the brand loyalty for which all businesses strive.




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