Digital Marketing

3 Ways for the Healthcare Industry to utilize Social Media!

Educate your Audience:

Social media is a great way to spread the word about public health and making an impact on humanity. Think about unique campaigns that you can execute to raise awareness of an issue, such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014. It's important to limit self-promotional posts and instead focus on ways that you can help your audience learn something new. The point is educating the audience is selling your audience on what you know that very few do know.

Social Media Advertising:

Not many healthcare organizations are buying up ads. This is a good thing because there’s less competition for your company to compete online. Use social media advertising to raise brand awareness for your organization, or to drive leads towards premium content downloads so that you can nurture them into becoming patients of your own. Your social media ads need to be relevant, well-written and accompanied by images that hold the attention of your audience. Your content should present your persona when working with patients.

Crisis Communication:

In times of crisis, the use of social media has increased to provide minute-by-minute information to patients, consumers and the public. Through social media, hospitals and other healthcare organizations are able to deliver real-time updates on hospital capacity, operation status and emergency room access. Having an active social media presence allows healthcare professionals to pass along information shared by organizations such as the Red Cross, and the Centers for Disease Control or communicate with news outlets. For healthcare companies, become the leading voice in a crisis. Over time, online traffic will turn to your profile for the latest updates and your social currency will only build from there.

3 Ways to Improve Client Retention on Facebook!

In 2017, social media is THE platform that makes the difference between client acquisition and client retention. Meaning, social media can help you gain clients, but the only way clients will remain with you is if your company remains consistent with the clients you already serve, so prospects will catch on to your brand’s reputation. In this blog, your company will learn 3 ways to improve your client retention rate by leveraging social media effectively. 

Make sure your prospects can find you on Social Media!

K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Silly! It’s important for companies to list their social media platforms on their websites and have the capability of redirecting website visitors to your profile. In addition, it’s essential to have your call-to-action button on platforms, like Facebook, to be able to redirect users back to your website.

Remember, you don’t have to spread yourself too thin on social media platforms. It’s better to dominate on two platforms, then it is to inconsistently post on 5 platforms. 

Recruit Current Clients to Spread the Word about You!

Your clients are your best assets. They know your product and service better than any prospect. Make a list of long-time clients that can vouch for what you know, what you can do and what you’ve helped them avoid over the years. So, ask your loyal clients to endorse your company on LinkedIn, write a testimony about what you company offers that nobody in your local market can do and take it across to other platforms, like Facebook.

In case you didn’t know, prospects are always looking to see what’s trending online. If you can rally a few testimonies that can vouch for your consistency as a business, then you are more likely to encourage other clients to remain with you. 

Respond to Questions and Inquiries Immediately!

The golden rule is to respond within 24 hours. Clients and prospects do monitor your online activity and that includes how quickly you respond to their questions and comments. In fact, the faster you respond, the more likely your company’s website will increase its rank in search engines like Google.

If you allow comments and questions go unaddressed, not only have you lost a prospect who reached out to you, but you may have cost your own credibility with current clients. If you don’t the answer to a question, address the question by saying, “Thank you for your answer. Let me check and our team will get back to you with the correct answer.” Remember, without consistency, your client retention rate will take a deep dive into the ground.


These 3 ways to improve your client retention rate on Facebook are few of the many ways to maximize your company’s experience on social media. The common theme of social media like in business is consistency. All you have to do is follow up and follow through.

How does the Rule of Thirds impact your reputation & bottom line?

Throughout the last decade, digital media has changed the way businesses market their brand to buyers. Traditionally, marketers are practiced the 80/20 rule: 80% is focused on educating customers about industry trends, facts and opinions about products and services and the remaining 20% is sales promotion (i.e. discounts, rebates, etc.). This blog will define the Rule of Thirds and how the Rule of Thirds impacts your brand online.

The Rule of Thirds is a guide for digital marketers to diversify the quality of content that they release for customers and followers online. The Rule of Thirds is broken down into three different types: Promotional, Personal and Sharing.  

1.     Promotional: 1/3 of your content should consist of promoting sales and discounts for customers to buy your products or services. The purpose is to drive followers to your website and to convert those followers into paying customers. For example, your business can run contests on social media to encourage followers to invite their associates, friends and neighbors within your target market. A new follower has the potential to be your next sale if you provide a call to action. In this case, followers are competing for discounts online that drive up online engagement on your company profile!

2.     Personal: 1/3 of your content should concentrate on your company’s personality. Meaning, you need to show customers that you’re a human being and that you care about the community as much as you care about your bottom line. For example, if your company is a co-sponsor of a local charity fundraiser, then take pictures of your team with the charity and post online. You’re not only promoting your company’s reputation as charitable, but also, the charity is getting free publicity too! The ultimate goal is to draw followers in to see that you are more than just a brand.

3.     Sharing: 1/3 of your content should focus on industry trends. This means your company should identify industry leaders and other reputable resources to post content that educate people about how your industry impacts their business and the economy. For instance, if you’re a Real Estate Attorney and your local community has passed a strict code enforcement ordinance, that’s something you would want your clients and potential clients to know about immediately. The ultimate goal is to prove that you’re the go-to expert in your target market.


The Rule of Thirds helps you prove that your company is the go-to in your target market. You may not be the top company in the world, but you can be the top competitor in your local target market. If you diversify what you post, instead of saying “Please like my Facebook page” all the time, then you can generate leads by showing different sides of your business. Be funny, informative and open-minded, but most importantly, be consistent about what your brand stands for. As a result, you’ll attract enough sales to build up your bottom line.


In short, the Rule of Thirds is a guide for you to stay ahead of your competitors and in front of your followers, consistently. When you demonstrate that you care about your team and your community, you have proven to your target market that their money spent will be worthwhile. Buyers are always looking not just for sellers, but also, for long-term partners that they can believe in and trust. Be the brand that you would want others to believe in. Get started with the Rule of Thirds!

Top 3 tips to avoid Facebook Jail!

Every Facebook account user has received unwanted promotions from time to time. Let’s face it. It’s annoying. Quite often, Facebook marketers fail to learn the terms of Facebook and post unwanted content to businesses or request users to follow when they don’t know them. These actions will land you in Facebook Jail.

Facebook Jail is a timeout. If you have ever been restricted from sending friend requests or from posting videos that infringe on copyright laws, then you will be restricted from certain actions on Facebook for a period of time. In this blog, you will learn the top 3 tips to avoid landing in Facebook Jail while trying to market your business on Facebook.

1.     Don’t promote your business on another business page without permission

Every day, a business page will receive content from a company that they don’t know. If you’re one of these marketers, stop now. Imagine if you received content, that you don’t want, you would be annoyed and think you are being targeted online by a complete stranger.  

An account holder can block you or report you for sending unwanted content. If someone submits a report, your account is flagged and can be blocked from posting content. Remember, you’re not helping your business if you’re restricting from posting content for your target audience to view.

2.     Don’t message promotions to Facebook users without permission

In conjunction with the first tip, don’t message promotions to Facebook users, especially if you don’t know them. It would be constructive to ask for permission first. If they say no, then you have your answer without compromising your account status on Facebook.

Another thing to consider is not messaging an unwanted promotion to multiple account users at once. Like email, you have a responsibility as a marketer to respect the privacy of other account users. If you message other users, then other users will be identified to a whole crowd that they don’t know. Remember, Facebook may be public, but it’s your responsibility as a marketer to respect the wishes of other account users on social media.

3.     Don’t post too frequently to promote parties and events.

Ever hear of the phrase, “Less is more”. This applies to Facebook. When a marketer has to promote an event on Facebook, the key to promoting something without violating terms and conditions is timing. For instance, if you’re hosting a party, don’t post more than once within a 5-minute period and only post images and videos that you own.

Facebook monitors how frequently you post and what you are posting. If you don’t consider your frequency, your account may be flagged. This is something you want to avoid. This is an easy way to land you in Facebook Jail.


In short, these 3 tips are few of the many tips that you should use to avoid Facebook Jail. A professional marketer has a responsibility to learn and understand the terms and conditions of every social media channel.

As mentioned earlier, less is more. Don’t become consumed with posting every second. Speak when you have something to say, but always place yourself in the position of your viewer. If you wouldn’t want to see it, then don’t post or message your viewer. Remember, it’s all about following the rules, being considerate of your fellow users and having fun with your Facebook experience.