3 ways Digital Marketers are using Social Media for Business Growth!

Businesses and organizations are utilizing digital marketers more than ever. Why? It is due to the rise of social media marketing and networking, worldwide. In the 21st century, businesses must be on social media in order to stay ahead of their competitors and in front of their customers. Digital marketers are collecting data and testing campaigns to reach the maximum volume of online users. This week, Sociamerica will share 3 ways that digital marketers can utilize social media to generate profit for their businesses and organizations.

1.     Traffic Generation

A major goal for companies is to drive traffic to their brand. How? Social media networks, like Facebook, allow digital marketers to setup ad campaigns that drive traffic toward a company website. It takes money, the right visual content, a schedule and more.

In addition, if a company website has a box for online users to enter their email and contact information, a digital marketer can setup the ad. When a user clicks on it, they are redirected to the website to enter their information.

2.     Cost reduction

Because of digital marketing and advertising, companies are reducing their printing budgets. Why? Because print media is expensive and is gradually becoming obsolete in the digital age. Digital media allows marketers to control expenses and to distribute news much faster without having to pay extra for newspaper and magazine distribution.

Also, social media advertising, such as Facebook and Twitter, allows marketers to collect data on the online users that are visiting their sites. A digital marketer can pause and start an ad whenever they choose. Compared to print media, a digital marketer is in a position to mitigate costs and can compare the analytics of each campaign to determine where they will get the most bang for their buck.

3.     Lead Generation

As discussed, social media marketing is a process to close the next deal. Social media marketing is about running campaigns and maintaining a company’s profile to drive traffic to the brand. In order to steer online users your way, a company must be consistent with posting and sharing tips, company image and a company’s contribution to the local community and industry. 

The important thing to remember is that businesses must commit to the process without being discouraged. You will not reach a million online users over night. However, in time, a professional digital marketer will increase exposure and traffic, develop loyal fans, improve search rankings, grow business partnerships, and improve sales via conversion.


In short, these 3 ways to use social media for business growth are just three of countless ways to convert followers into customers. The main point to remember is you can control expenses with digital media resources and reach more followers online. The truth is 70% of online users base their purchases via social media. If you are not utilizing social media to close the next deal, your competitor will take away your business over time.