Top 7 Content Marketing Ideas for Lead Generation!

In the digital age, billions of people are looking for their next purchase. Often, most followers are attracted to a distinguished brand. The way to stand out is by not pretending to be like your competitor. The key is to be your own brand. Consumers want to know what you’re about and how they can take their business to the next level with your resources, knowledge and creativity. This week, Sociamerica will provide 7 content marketing ideas to generate new leads for your business. When in doubt, check these ideas out to help you be on your way.

1.     Define your brand persona

Do something that distinguishes you in the community. For instance, you own a pizza parlor in a community where there are 20 other pizza parlors within a 10 mi radius. Ask yourself why they would want to buy from you.

An idea is to create a mascot for your business that’s memorable and to record short videos of your mascot being silly. Your competitors may not think outside the box, but when you do, it helps you stand out and to get people talking about your brand.

2.     Invest in quality over quantity

Ever hear of the expression, “less is more”? This is true. It’s better to post quality content 2-3 times per day, than it is to post 10 times per day with no quality. Most business owners online believe that more is key to sell their products and services when it’s actually costing you more money.

Don’t forget to be consistent with how often you post online, but remember, think creatively and get to the point. To avoid financial losses, look at what your competitors are doing and if you see a lack of quality, focus on what they are not doing and take advantage of it.

3.     Predict market trends with your industry

Creativity is key to business development, but so is market knowledge. Every week, it’s essential to share your professional opinion about market trends and to cite sources in the process. Followers expect you to have a knowledge base about sales, prices, products and the services of your industry.

In addition, this may be your opportunity to ask your followers an open-ended question for followers to answer. This will increase engagement with your followers and attract more to your business page. Plus, an online engagement with followers will allow you to develop a more personal relationship with online users. This leads to lead generation.  

4.     Conduct a survey and publish a post with your findings

Businesses depend on surveys and polls to know what sells and what doesn’t sell. Sometimes, it takes money to conduct a survey, but it’s money well spent if you can pinpoint common trends, questions and answers.

After you collect data, write about your findings and provide feedback about why your prospects reacted in a certain way. This will add credibility to your business because followers see that you are taking an active interest to learn what people want to buy.  

5.     Create a beginner’s guide actionable tips and strategies

Many companies will offer demos about how you can get started. This is your opportunity to give your followers and prospects a taste of what you are selling. You’re selling an opportunity for business financial growth and client retention for other businesses.

If you start with a beginner’s guide, you’re telling your clients that you can go to point B from point A. But, first, your prospects need to learn how you can help them get started. This may lead to a consultation with a prospect to learn more about how their company will grow, long-term.

6.     Compile a list of inspirational quotes to inspire followers

In conjunction to the first point of this blog, followers want to see your brand persona. Online users love quotes that make them feel empowered. Instead of only focusing on the bottom line, share quotes that convey an important point about life, community and teamwork.

This will show that your business is built on values instead of cash. Remember, people are looking for the human moment from you. Be human and inspire others to do the same thing.

7.     Make a short video to talk about your business growth

Create a YouTube channel and discuss milestones. In 2016, video marketing is a benchmark for businesses. People want to see things real human moments about your business. In fact, videos are the driving force behind ad campaigns because with social media moving so quickly, people have less time to read content, when online users can watch a brief video and save time.

Talk about how your business went from point A to point B because of your staff. Celebrate what has worked for your business because followers and competitors will see business growth when you share your story.


The world is run by the digital age today. There are countless pieces of content available to market and advertise your business. These 7 content marketing ideas are to help you along the way when you are stuck. When in doubt, you can use these ideas as ways to improve your brand persona. Readers and followers care about your knowledge base, their ROI and how you can take their business to the next level online.