7 ways to grow your Email Marketing List!

No company or organization can profit without an Email Marketing list. Period. There are countless ways to build up a quality Email Marketing list, but it’s important to consider two things: time and quality. With time, you will build up your list by the thousands. It will take months or even years before you have a large, quality network. With quality, it’s imperative to add prospects that are genuinely interested in buying from you. This week, Sociamerica will provide 7 ways to grow your Email Marketing list.

1.     Add Signup Form and Keep it Short!

Every website must have a sign-up form located in the contact us section. The point to remember is to make a signup form that every user can understand and complete in a minute. A signup form should allow users to add their name, email, method of contacting them, and what services/products interest them. After online users submit their form, you have what you need to return their message and to start talking about what they want to know, how to get it and how much it will cost.

2.     Event Sponsorship

Always seek out opportunities to partner with other companies to host events. For instance, you can organize other local businesses owners to join your business network summit in the community. Then, in partnership with other businesses, roll out an online campaign on social media to showcase what is coming up and who is involved. This is an opportunity to not only gain business cards from participants at the event, but also, the business cards of other businesses that agreed to co-sponsor your summit.

3.     Test Different Calls to Action

Not every call to action will work. This is why it’s important to test as many as possible. Here are some examples of what may work with your audience!

1.     Join our list to learn more about what we offer

2.     Join our list today to receive discounts

3.     Don’t miss out on latest news and industry trends

4.     Over 1,200 people receive our emails monthly. Sign up now!

4.     Advertise a Local Deal on Social Media

When you are creating an online ad on a social network, it’s important to narrow down your target audience and location. While your ad is active, you must monitor who is following, commenting and who is sharing. This is your opportunity to reach out to an interested party and offer discounts available so they don’t miss out on it. This is when you ask for emails to send information.

5.     Join Online Community Groups

From Facebook to LinkedIn, your business and your employees can join online community groups. The key to remember is joining groups that are interested in your brand. If you’re running a company that sells cars, join groups where online users are car enthusiasts. You can start up a conversation about your product line and offer a deal to group participants.

6.     Add Signup Link to your Social Profile

Allow social connections to easily find your email sign-up form by linking it to your online profiles. This can be done on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Like the signup form, have your social profiles synced with your website. This strategy will improve your visibility and help you gain new emails and generate leads.

7.     Host a Twitter Chat!

Twitter chats are key to boost engagement. In fact, every time you are tweeting to followers, you multiple your chances of gaining new followers that share similar interests with your following. This is when you can message those new followers who have interest in your products and services in requesting their emails.

The key is to announce your twitter chat in advance. Once you initiate the chat, you can detect who is most responsive to your content and has the best ideas. After the chat, message your prospect and say, “Your ideas are in line with what I do. Let’s talk about how we can help each other grow.”


In 2016, there’s countless ways to increase your Email Marketing list. Remember, it’s all about quality, instead of quantity. The primary goal is to get emails from people who have an interest in what you sell.

On a final note, always produce quality content. This means that you should always be educating online followers about something they don’t already know. The way to close a deal is to remind prospects that it is because of your knowledge and capability that they are able to take their business to the next level.