5 Digital Marketing tips for Nonprofits to grow in donations and membership!

1.     Encourage donors to share their personal experiences with the organization!

A key ingredient for success in fundraising is having your board members and donors give testimony about the organization. You must showcase how the organization has helped people overcome a problem or how the organization has helped them grow, personally and professionally.

a.     Produce an ad campaign on social media

b.     Create a YouTube channel and produce videos that highlight success stories

c.      Start a group discussion about services and support networks

2.     Identify what sets you apart from other nonprofits and market your value!

It’s very similar to selling something. Donors want to know what sets you a part from other nonprofits and community organizations. They want to know about how not having you in the community would be devastating to many people from all walks of life.

a.     Produce short videos that highlights the staff, culture of the organization (i.e. discuss what you provide)

b.     Provide client testimonies about what the organization has done for them!

c.      Discuss milestones and programming successes

3.     Storytelling!

One of the most important elements of digital marketing is storytelling. Online users love people who tell a story about their journey and how a nonprofit was THE bridge to help them go from point A to point B. Remember, avoid too much self-promotion. It’s a turn-off, but tell your story!

a.     Discuss the highs and lows of your story! Utilize pictures and videos!

b.     Have your friends join in the discussion and talk about how the organization has helped families as much as the recipient of services

c.      Supporters can talk about the negative impacts of not having your organization in the community. Remind them of what’s at-stake!

4.     Create content that will make people fall in love with you!

This is when you showcase your volunteer efforts in the community! The key is to document and record how your contributions have made someone else’s life better. People love to hear how someone overcame hardship and it was because of your contribution, that it was made possible for them to do so. Also, talk about prizes and gifts that family members can receive through raffles and how proceeds benefit programs that aid people to overcome their own personal hardships.

a.     Recipients can talk about their hardship(s) and how they developed new friendships and a support network, long-term

b.     Promote fundraising events that allow children and families to participate

c.      Promote silent auction events that give away big prizes!

5.     Partner with Brand Influencers!

It’s great to partner with a celebrity, but it’s more impactful to connect with a recognized and respected community leader or business leader in your neighborhood who has a lot of contacts that can relate to your mission.

a.     Encourage your partner to post consistently and to complement programs, staff and personnel of the organization

b.     Task your partner to gather other partners to write positive reviews about services and the culture of the organization.

c.      Offer your partner a free promotion as gratitude for their partnership. Produce a video or post that thanks them for their partnership.