Why companies should outsource digital marketing!

In recent years, companies have begun to outsource in order to limit their spending in order to invest more in lead generation. A major vehicle for lead generation in 2016 is digital marketing!

Digital marketing is an industry that requires marketers to consistently learn and add new offers to help clients advance ahead of their competitors, online. This is because customers base their purchases from what they see online. This blog will provide insight to your business about how outsourcing to digital marketing companies will generate new leads, prevent financial losses and help you advance ahead of your competitors in 2016.


By going in-house with a digital marketer your expenses have already increased. Why? Not only is your business paying a salary with benefits for a full-time digital marketer, but also, you have to factor in your advertising budget. For instance, if you are paying $50,000 for an in-house digital marketer, you are going to need AT LEAST an additional $50,000 for an advertising budget to operate online ad campaigns. The less funding that you have to advertise online, the less prospects that you have to convert into paying customers.

The point is that a digital marketing business may be able to do the same work for $35,000 or less. Thus, your business would have more to invest in advertising and you have professionals that are more advanced with new apps and resources. Also, digital marketers will monitor your competition, collect data and online customer feedback.


The truth is companies hire employees that don’t have the advanced skills they were hired for. Sometimes, it is months after an employee was hired that management learns the truth. For instance, an employee can be a skilled graphic designer, but they have no idea how to make a website, build an app or operate an ad campaign. By going in-house you're losing opportunities to gain new revenue streams by not partnering with digital marketing companies that have expertise and resources to convert online followers into customers. Also, since digital marketing companies are consistently adding new customer service items, you can gain more revenue because your competitor will have less time to keep up with new trends due to their in-house digital marketer.


Digital marketing is a dynamic environment. They are constant changes to consider. Keeping your digital marketers sharp on new tactics can be expensive and time consuming. The truth is that many employees care about improving their skills as much as they care about earning their paychecks. Unless you are going to put in the hours to train your employees every time a new app or digital feature is rolled out, then your employees are not going to go the distance. This is because they are not able to advance as other digital marketers are advancing in the industry. In short, you can skip having to spending money to train employees to keep up with the industry, when you have digital marketing professionals available that are prepared to handle your business needs.


Digital marketers - app/web developers, search marketing experts, pay-per-click gurus and designers handle a lot of intellectual property. What happens to your tasks when they aren't available to you? Does any digital marketing get done when your digital marketer is on vacation? What if they get into an accident and they are now out of commission for weeks or even months? Awful and sad of course, but there goes your digital marketing person. The point is that your business can lose a valuable employee at any time. With a digital marketing company, you have a partner that can provide multiple specialists to handle your business needs on a consistent, affordable basis.


Any process or service that doesn't directly improve customer service or generate new leads should be outsourced. It's more affordable and convenient to outsource to a digital marketing company that is available to address your questions and concerns, every day.