3 characteristics of top selling digital marketing campaigns!

1.     Authenticity

a.     Be Relatable: You’re not looking for the “I wish that was me” response, you’re looking for the “that’s SO me” reaction.

b.    Be Yourself: Every content post should in some way tell your brand’s story. This story has to be consistent, positive and engaging. When you post something that has nothing to do with who or what you are, you lose your loyal followers and repel others from joining your crowd.

c.    Define your Brand: It’s okay to be inspired by what others are doing, but do not attempt to become the idol that you emulate. Be yourself. Post about what your team offers and share about what you do that makes you different from your peers.

2.     Spectacle:

a.     Emotion: Sometimes, you have to produce something that will touch the hearts of clients and prospects. For example, if you are running a digital marketing campaign for a charity, produce a video that shows a human testimony about how the charity has improved lives.

b.     Big Reveal: To build momentum with fans, run a campaign that teases fans. More specifically, conduct a countdown sequence to remind followers that in a day, week or month, something is about to happen.

3.     Expertise:

a.     Reviews: Reviews are more powerful than ever. For every client that responds well to your services, ask them to write a positive review and share with community groups. Your supporters can highlight your expertise by discussing what you are capable of doing for other clients and explain why you are the "go-to" in the community.  Out of a 100 followers in a particular group, perhaps 3-5 of those followers will meet with you.

b.     Geography: Run a campaign to establish your business as the “go-to” in a particular area. You can do it by researching other businesses and peers in your community and begin reaching out through private messaging to set up times to meet and exchange information. This takes time, but don't be discouraged. If a prospect doesn't buy from you now, they may instead refer you to another interested prospect or return to close a deal with your business at a different time.