Top 3 ways to drive social media engagement!

According to Forbes (2015), there will be over 2.3 billion active social network users by 2017. The truth is that it’s not enough to create an online profile. The key to being steps ahead of your competitor is to create quality content that will appeal to your target audience. Here are 3 effective ways to drive social media engagement.

1.     Show your personality!

Your followers want to know that you and your staff are human beings. How can you prove that you are human?

a.     Publish posts that showcase community involvement

b.     Celebrate the accomplishments of your employees

c.      Post pictures of your staff interacting with each other and with clients

d.     Offer quotes of the day to show insight about company culture and principles

2.     Post contests, discounts and giveaways!

Every follower is always looking for new updates, deals and trends. Starting contests make things engaging and fun for the followers.

a.     Offer your winner a discount on their next purchase

b.     Offer free lessons. Often, that winning customer will sign up for more!

c.      Publish pictures of the prizes. Images matter!

3.     Be the Expert!

Social media allows you to prove your expertise of a particular subject and industry. It’s more important that you appeal to particular community and build on the discussion, instead of gaining random followers with no interest in your field.

a.     Publish tips and strategies on helping followers build on something

b.     Share breaking news stories about your industry

c.      Post blogs and articles about new developments in your field.

d.     Ask open-ended questions for your followers to build one.    

e.     Share posts from other industry leaders and provide your own input

In short, every business and organization must consider that posting quality content has to be consistent, clear and right to the point. Because of social media, you stay on top of your content marketing plan. Inform your target audience. The rest will take care of itself.