Why do business with Sociamerica?

What is the point of having an online presence? Why would Company A hire Company B to maintain Company A’s social media presence? Why is online marketing worth investing in? Why do people do business with Sociamerica? 

1. Customers base their purchases via digital media.

Today, marketing is still very much a business strategy; however, in 2015, the main challenge faced by marketers is how to effectively position their strategy in line with ever evolving standards of technology, particularly social media. As Forbes contributor Greg Satell puts it, humanity has forever shifted from “grabbing attention to holding attention”.

In essence, marketing is worthless without substantive content. Brand development has become more than designing a new logo and posting it online. Today, building a business brand is about marketing what you offer to followers in cyberspace to attract new business.

2. Data Check:

Interesting content is among the top three reasons why people follow a business on social media. Forbes reports that the average American spends over 50% of his or her time online. Social media and blogging are both practices that we view as essential to a thriving brand in 2015. Social media sites and blogs reach eight out of every ten U.S. Internet users and account for 23% of all time spent online.

Did you know that the United States as a whole conducts around 12 billion search engine searches each year? For your business to be truly accessible in these modern times, it needs to turn up in a basic Google search. To appear in a basic Google search, a business must become interactive online to have an increasing competitive edge in their respective industries.

3. Small business always benefit from an online presence.

Just because a business is small – or because it’s located in a small town – doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need an online presence. In fact, sometimes the biggest reason a business should have a website is because it’s located in a small community.

The less populated your location is, the smaller your target market is. That is, unless, you’re able to expand the number of people you reach by showcasing your business online. Some business owners are content with only a website. People like shopping online and they use social media to determine where and how much they will buy in the marketplace.

One substantive post on social media can persuade your follower to make a purchase without the pressure of a sales clerk following them. If you run your business with consistency and savvy, your reputation will grow and so will your sales.


Sociamerica is about building and sustaining business partnerships. Sociamerica guarantees your business will have access to the brightest possible digital solutions. We exist to market your company online that showcases your image, what you offer and your accomplishments to influence followers to buy from you. You can spend more time focused on other tasks, while Sociamerica will leverage digital media to bring in new business.